REV’IT! Ventura Ladies’ Jacket and Pants

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REV’IT! Ventura Ladies’ Jacket and PantsHistorically, most women’s motorcycle gear has been downsized versions of men’s apparel. Times have changed, however, as more and more companies have responded to the demand for dedicated women’s riding gear. The Ventura from REV’IT! was designed specifically for the female body from the outset; there is no men’s version. The Ventura is a four-season, all-weather, adventure riding/touring suit and has an impressive list of features. I like the stylish look, and I went with the black/silver color to be more visible.

To make it as versatile as possible, REV’IT! made the jacket with two removable layers. The first is a Hydra-tex waterproof liner, which can quickly be stored in a convenient large dedicated pocket on the back. The liner kept me dry during a short rain, but on a longer shower, I got wet.

The second is a thermal liner to cope with cold weather. The Achilles heel of most “four season” ensembles is summer. When it’s hot outside, all the technical fabrics and armor that keep you safe and comfortable the rest of the year have a tendency to turn your gear into a sweatsuit. To combat this, the Ventura has plenty of ventilation that includes zippered openings that run virtually the entire length of the sleeves.

The Ventura’s outer shell is made of synthetic polyamide thread at a density of 500 denier. This makes the jacket highly resistant to tearing, abrasion, and melting. Further protection comes from ProLife CE-approved armor in the shoulders, elbows, and knees as well as a pocket for either a Seesoft or a Knox back protector. Laminated reflection panels increase visibility from all directions.

It’s lightweight gear that feels comfortable even in temperatures up to 95 degrees. What I especially appreciate in hot weather is the removable high collar, which reveals a large mesh panel underneath that can dramatically increase airflow. The jacket is designed to pair with the REV’IT! Challenger cooling vest insert to actively keep the temperatures in check.

I find that it’s difficult to put in or take out the waterproof liner once on the road because it requires the removal of my pants, jacket, and boots to do so. This summer I got caught in the rain one day without my waterproof liners and got soaked within a short period of time. The next day, I left the liner in. It turned out to be a hot day, and I sweated.

In garments designed for women, fit is extremely important, so both the jacket and pants feature a variety of well-thought-out adjustment points to tailor the garment to each rider. These include customizable fit in the arms, hips, bust, waist, and neck.

Colors: Silver Black, Black, Silver Blue
Sizes: 34–46
Price: $459.99

Colors: Silver, Black
Sizes: 34–46, also available in long and short sizes
Price: $319.99


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