Escape for Winter

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Escape for WinterI have managed to do what a lot of people in the north (and south) would dream of this winter. With more snow and colder temperatures than normal, riding a motorcycle, for many of us, has been put on hold. The weather this winter has been crazy. At my home in Michigan, over Christmas an ice storm knocked out our power for seven days. There have been a record number of school days canceled due to sub zero conditions, and shoveling my driveway has become a part of my daily routine. Add in the fact that it gets dark at 5:00 p.m. and the result is that I’ve gotten little sunshine or exercise and I’ve been stuck in a slump. I had to do something different, or risk withering away until the ground hog decides to show up. My solution, head to Hawaii for a month to work for Maui Moto Adventures.

I should probably explain how I got hooked up with this gig, as it is not something that you just find in the help wanted section of the newspaper. Last year I came down to Hawaii to visit friends and that’s where I met Mike, the owner of Maui Moto Adventures.  We hit it off and rode a few times, and stayed in contact after my trip was over. Well this winter he has been quite busy with the business, and since I work seasonally and can get away for a month, it was only perfect that I come back to give him a break.

So here I am, it’s now 7:00 a.m. and in a few hours I will be leading my first tour. The last several days I have been riding all around Maui studying the route and learning the ins and outs of being a tour guide. I pack the camel backs with fresh ice water and a lunch. The pads go there, and the helmets here. Power washing the bikes has become a daily event. I can see right now that remembering the names of the riders is going to be one of the hardest parts of the job for me. I have never been very good at that, but now I must learn.  

So today I will leave you with a photo from one of my practice rides. It’s not usually this wet, but it was when I shot this photo. Full speed, nobody likes to push.


Luke Swab,

Moto tour guide


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