Helmet Hed: Long Hair Gets some Help!

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Helmet Hed: Long Hair Gets some Help!Long hair and motorcycle helmets aren’t the most ideal combination. The Helmet Hed offers a unique solution for riders whose long hair is a constant source of frustration while on the road. It is basically an extremely soft, comfortable, and stretchable headband with elastic mesh around the top. The mesh quickly secures your locks in place, and keeps them there as you pull your helmet on. Since the hair is able to stay in a natural position, it’s less apt to become a tangled mess by the time your ride is over.

Helmet Heds are made of a blend of nylon, lycra, polyester, and spandex. The headband is moisture wicking and breathable to keep sweat from building up, and the mesh top allows air to circulate around your head keeping you cool. Often it’s the simplest fixes that work the best and this patented invention is certainly a boon to those who are tired of their long hair causing discomfort.

The Helmet Hed is available in a variety of colors and patterns and they’re on sale for $15 during the month of February.

Check them out at: www.helmet-hed.com


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