Five Ways to Enhance Your Motorcycling Experience in 2014

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Five Ways to Enhance Your Motorcycling Experience in 2014Another year is upon us, and with it the opportunity to take things up a notch. You haven’t already broken any of those resolutions, have you?

  1. Plan at least one trip that’s more ambitious than anything you’ve previously tried. For some riders this could be finally taking the plunge into multi-day touring or dual-sport riding, for others it could be exploring South America or taking one of RoadRUNNER’s organized tours. The point is to try something new, something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t quite made happen yet.
  2. Take a training course. This might be a track day, off-road school, advanced on-road training, or a number of other options. With any increase in riding skill comes a corresponding boost in the motorcycling fun factor. The more comfortable and confident you are on the bike, the greater your enjoyment will be. And, of course, you’ll be safer too. If you’re planning on attending RoadRUNNER’s Touring Weekend this July, MotoMark1 and Stayin’ Safe will be on hand offering some fantastic courses.
  3. Try out a new kind of riding. If you’re a touring rider, try a dual sport. If you’re a dual sport rider, try a sport bike. If you own a cruiser, try a standard. It’s a new year, time to try something different. Who knows, you just might like it!
  4. Introduce the sport to someone new. If you love motorcycling (and if you’re reading this, chances are you do) share that passion with someone. Motorcycling is a great way of connecting and bonding with friends and family, so go ahead, help hook the next generation of motorcyclists.
  5. Ride more. Sounds simple right? Just making it a point to spend more time in the saddle can make all the difference. Whether it’s riding to work more often, taking the bike on quick runs to the store, or simply taking off for a few hours on Saturday mornings, we could all use a few more miles under our belts in 2014.


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