Review: BiLT Sprint Air Pump Full-Face Helmet

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Review: BiLT Sprint Air Pump Full-Face Helmet

In the realm of value priced full-face helmets, Cycle Gear’s in house brand BiLT is certainly one of the leaders. And, while the Sprint is one of their more premium models, it’s easy to see why. The first thing I noticed about the Sprint is that it’s quite light, which is always a good trait for a lid. One feature that makes this helmet unique, especially in this price bracket, is its inflatable cheek pads. Cheek pads that aren’t tight enough allow the helmet to move around on your head, which is both uncomfortable and unsafe. Pads that are too tight, however, will have you rolling down the road making a constant fish face, which isn’t pleasant either. On the Sprint, a small squeezable pump (think Reebok PUMP basketball shoes) inside the chin allows you to customize the helmet’s fit in seconds. And the system works too. I found that I could easily get the helmet to a nice snug fit. Airflow is another area where the Sprint handles itself admirably. Opening or closing the vents generally has the desired effect (not a foregone conclusion with motorcycle helmets), in the interest of full disclosure; however, I haven’t had the chance to test the Sprint in truly hot weather. The helmet’s liner, which is fully removable, feels like it came from a model a tier or two up the price scale and the helmet is quite comfortable for miles on end.

Though it’s a neat feature, the Sprint’s internal sun shield feels cheap and ready to break at any moment, but to be fair, it hasn’t. The helmet also shows its price in the visor, which is basically just a single piece of plastic that puts up no fight whatsoever against fogging. This can be easily remedied with a replacement shield, however. The vents too are made of chintzy plastic, though they look and function just fine. The Sprint’s shell is made from injection molded polycarbonate and is DOT approved. The finish is above reproach with no blemishes or flaws to be found. Noise levels inside the helmet are slightly on the high side, but I’ve certainly experienced worse.

At $179.99, there are cheaper helmets, but aside from a few cost cutting bits and pieces, the BiLT Sprint Air Pump is a well-made and functional helmet with a little trick up its sleeve.

BiLT Sprint Air Pump Helmet

Sizes: XS-2XL

Colors: Black, Silver, Matte Black

Price: $179.99



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