Öhlins Fork Cartridge Kit for Harley-Davidson Touring Models

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Öhlins Fork Cartridge Kit for Harley-Davidson Touring ModelsFor years Swedish based Öhlins has built a reputation for high-quality suspension components, and now the company’s U.S. branch, Öhlins USA, is bringing a new cartridge fork kit to Harley-Davidson FLH/FLT models. According to Tomas Andersson, Öhlins Racing’s Manager of motorcycle R and T Aftermarket, “the goal of the project was to create a high-end cartridge damping system with great performance at a reasonable price for Harley-Davidson touring front forks. The kit is the same concept we use for our hyper-sport front forks, but with a smaller piston. For this application we focused on vehicle control and a smooth ride.”

Öhlins Fork Cartridge Kit for Harley-Davidson Touring ModelsIn the Öhlins FKC 101, one of the forks handles the compression while the other handles the rebound. Because of the model specific mounting requirements, the FKC 101 doesn’t have any external adjustors, however, the kit features optional spring rates to accommodate motorcyclists of various weights and riding preferences.

Expect MSRP to be around $1,000. The kit will be available in January 2014.

Check out www.ohlinsusa.com for more info.



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