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NUVIZ Ride:HUD is a Heads Up Display That You Can Use with Your Own Helmet

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NUVIZ Ride:HUD is a Heads Up Display That You Can Use with Your Own HelmetThere must be something in the water, because 2014 is already shaping up to be the year of the Heads Up Display, and we’re not even there yet.

Hot on the heels of the Skully P-1 comes the NUVIZ Ride:HUD, a HUD that you can add to your existing helmet (as long as that helmet is a full face modular or, in other words, has a chin bar). This is a radical departure from the Skully P-1, and other similar products gestating in labs right now, and is important for riders that are loyal to a brand of helmet that fits them. So people with Arai-shaped heads or Shoei-shaped heads (or HJC or Suomy, etc…) can put NUVIZ Ride:HUD on their own lids, placing it on the chin bar by the right cheek using a high strength adhesive pad. A separate four-way controller (about the size of a tin of breath mints) can be attached to the bike and can control the NUVIZ Ride:HUD wirelessly via Bluetooth.

At the heart of the NUVIZ Ride:HUD is an LCOS micro display (with an ambient light sensor) driven by a 1.2GHz ARM processor backed by 8GB of flash memory. Also included is a nine-axis full motion sensor, altimeter, thermometer, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and an 8MP camera capable of shooting 1080p video.

Once mounted and configured, Ride:HUD displays an image in the lower right corner of your peripheral vision and it appears like it is fifteen feet away. The device works with your smartphone and the aforementioned controller to operate navigation, weather, photo and video capture, communication, music, telemetry (trip computer), and racetrack data as well. As of now, the software seems to be the least developed component of Ride:HUD; little more than conceptual illustrations exist. Still, there are some interesting ideas here worth exploring, and with NUVIZ already halfway to its Kickstarter funding goal with over three weeks to go, it sounds like many would like to see the Ride:HUD come to fruition.

NUVIZ is hoping to bring the Ride:HUD to market in September 2014. Click here for more info.


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