Victory Cross Country Give Away to Benefit National Motorcycle Museum

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Victory Cross Country Give Away to Benefit National Motorcycle MuseumThe National Motorcycle Museum was founded in 1989 and is located in Anamosa, IA. It houses a unique collection of rare and vintage motorcycles as well as photographs, apparel, advertisements, and other memorabilia from motorcycling’s past. The museum is a non-profit, and therefore is largely supported by donations from motorcycle enthusiasts. To encourage generous giving, the museum gives away a motorcycle every year as part of its core fundraising efforts. This year that motorcycle is a 2013 Victory Cross Country customized by Arlen Ness. This one of a kind bike features around $10,000 worth of upgrades, including new wheels and a custom paint job, for a total value of around $30k. Victory Motorcycles donated the Cross Country to the museum and Arlen and Cory Ness made it unique.

Donors have until December 31 to send in their money. Five dollars gets you one entry, while $25 gets you six chances to win.

For more info or to donate, head over to


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