PackJack Rear Stand Review

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PackJack Rear Stand ReviewMany sportbikes, dual sports, dirt bikes, and others don’t have centerstands. When it comes time to lube a chain, or do other chores such as tire inflation or wheel cleaning, it can be a real nuisance. Now there’s a compact, lightweight stand, which allows you to inflate the tire, clean the wheel, or lube and adjust your chain anywhere.

PackJack is made from lightweight anodized aluminum; it’s only nine and a half ounces and measures one by two by seven inches. It fits in a small pouch (included) so you can take it with you under the seat, in a tankbag, saddlebag, or tailbag. Packjack works with all dual-sided swingarm bikes. It comes in two versions, one that lifts the bike from a protruding axle bolt, the other uses the spool found on many sportbike swingarms.

Initial setup only requires installing a through-bolt, nut, and bushings and there are three sets of holes to adjust for various wheel diameters. Once that’s done you can have your motorcycle jacked up in 10 seconds. After you’ve done it you’ll be surprised how easy it is!


Here’s the routine:

Open the PackJack to approximately 150 degrees (slightly folded).

Place the flap under and against the axle bolt or swingarm spool on the side of the bike opposite the sidestand, with the notch centered on the bolt or spool. Place the base of the PackJack on the pavement directly below the flap.

Standing on the same side as the PackJack, hold the motorcycle by the passenger grab rail with your left hand and apply the front brake with your right hand. Nudge the PackJack downwards and towards the motorcycle at the pivot point with your foot until the bike lifts.

The PackJack will lock in the over-center position and the rear wheel will now spin freely. If not, make subtle adjustments to the placement of the PackJack or to the initial open angle until the rear wheel just clears the ground.

To remove, gently nudge the inside pivot point of the PackJack with your boot while securing the motorcycle.

PackJacks are hand made in North America and are easy to carry and use, well designed, nicely finished, and should last a long time.

Both PackJack axle and spool types sell for U.S. $32.95 plus $15 shipping and handling to North America. PackJack Ventures Corp.;

Text and photography by Ken Freund


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