Product Review: Wunderlich Vario Wind Deflector

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Product Review: Wunderlich Vario Wind DeflectorVirtually all OEM windscreens have a fixed upper edge that cannot be adjusted to meet individual rider requirements to eliminate wind turbulence and buffeting, hence the development of attachable wind deflectors. The folks at Wunderlich have taken the capabilities of these windscreen add-ons and elevated them to the next level.

Although most of their products are aimed at BMW owners, Wunderlich America’s Vario Wind Deflector was just what I needed to reduce wind pressure on my 2013 Honda CB1100. This particular model has a “V” shape at the top edge of the screen, which fit well with the shape of the aftermarket cowling attached to my Honda. Wunderlich also sells their “standard” curved wind deflector, which doesn’t have the sharp “V” in its design. The Vario Wind Deflector, with a base that’s adjustable from 180 to 90 degrees, can work with most windscreens.

The Vario deflector is made of shatterproof Lexan and the attachment mechanism is precision machined from lightweight anodized aluminum alloy. The threaded fasteners, which attach the Vario to the motorcycle’s windscreen, require 4mm and 5mm hex head wrenches for installation, which only takes minutes. The position of the wind deflector can be adjusted up and down and tilted to achieve desired results. My objective in installing the deflector on my relatively low profile windscreen was to reduce highway speed wind pressure on my chest, without creating wind buffeting to my helmet. It achieved that objective and looks good too.

Price: $159.00


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