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You Can Take it With You. All of it, With the Skully P-1 Helmet with Heads Up Display

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You Can Take it With You. All of it, With the Skully P-1 Helmet with Heads Up DisplayThere used to be a time when we thought of motorcycles as escape vehicles from the hum drum of the same old everyday. And indeed, some of us still view them that way. But modern life is finding ever more insidious ways to embed itself into our escapes, from Bluetooth headsets and GPS navigation to suspension and fuel maps that require an advanced degree to understand.

Skully is about to kick this digital encroachment up to eleven with the P-1 helmet. With integrated navigation, rearview camera, and heads-up display, the Skully P-1 connects your head to your surroundings via a rear-facing 180 degree camera and a built-in GPS, both displayed on an innovative heads up display that sits in the lower right corner of your vision. Think Google Glass but way cooler.

The Skully P-1 also connects your head to the cloud via Bluetooth integration with that smartphone in your jacket pocket. Thus joined, they can plot and scheme to send and receive phone calls, text messages, music, weather and traffic updates, and more or less take away any last vestige of “getting away from it all” from your hopes and dreams.

A tiny computer running a version of Google Android embedded into the spoiler makes this possible. A lithium-ion battery powers it all and takes nine hours to charge. This may well be the first helmet that you plug in and recharge.

So forget about getting away from it all. Take it all–the distractions, the text messages, the data–with you. If you were wearing the Skully P-1, you would have seen this coming.

(This post was written a bit tongue-in-cheek. There are some seriously cool ideas here. The heads-up display with built-in GPS is pretty neat. And the rearview camera has potential, although I tend to do a lot of scanning while riding, so constantly changing to rearview may prove distracting. I’m less sanguine about sending and receiving phone calls or text messages while riding though; distracted riding kills. The good thing is that you can always turn that feature off or ignore it. We’re looking forward to checking it out.)


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