MadStad Replacement Windscreen

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MadStad Replacement WindscreenThis past spring I bought a new Honda NC700X in order to get into a more upright riding position. I’d done a fair amount of riding on my friend Jim’s KLR, which has similar ergonomics, and found myself having a lot of fun. So I traded in my VFR and found myself enjoying rides from a higher and more comfortable vantage point. The little windscreen that came with the new Honda, though, didn’t offer much wind protection for the more upright posture. So one of the first accessories I ordered for the bike was the tall windshield that Honda offers. Alas, even with the increased height there was still plenty of wind buffeting on the highway. The VFR had done an effective job of carving highway wind for me and I was spoiled! Enter the MadStad windscreen, which approaches its job with an unusual design. It has a base mounting plate, which is probably not all that different in size and orientation from the OEM unit. The MadStad windscreen itself is generously sized and is positioned in front of the base plate, partially overlapping it. The MadStad folks explain that the flow of air that shoots up between the two surfaces reduces the buffeting that a windscreen ordinarily causes. The combination of this turbulence-busting action and the large size of the windscreen proved to be effective at bringing comfort back to my highway rides. An additional feature is the ability to adjust both the height and the angle of the windscreen. It’s mounted to the baseplate with a bracket arrangement that is easily adjustable. Loosening a couple of sturdy knobs allows you to fine tune the arrangement while seated on the motorcycle. The height range is substantial, so it can be set low if you don’t want much between you and the road, or fairly high for maximum protection. Fit and finish on the MadStad windscreen is excellent. The MadStad folks customize the mount design and hardware to a wide range of individual bikes for an integrated look. If you’re looking for greater wind protection and flexible windscreen positioning you can find more information at

Text: Bruce Read

Photography: Jim Parks


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