The Epiphany

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The EpiphanyEver have sudden clarity of thought which compels you to take immediate action to address a previously acceptable situation? I had exactly that happen recently while on a short summer’s evening ride on my Ducati 1000 Monster.

I was returning home and life was good. And then it hit me, about ninety percent of my time on the bike was spent taking various roads to a rural gas station that is virtually the only nearby source of ethanol free fuel preferred by the Ducati.

I’d purchased the slightly used Monster close to three years ago, and learned about the ethanol issue after I bought it. I loved the look, sound, and feel of the bike so much that I put up with the inconvenience until the lunacy of the situation hit me while on my ride home that evening.

I often called the Monster my “mid life crisis bike,” because it was my version of the stereotypical red Corvette commonly driven by men with a dusting of gray in their hair. It was a fun bike, no doubt, but the morning after my epiphany I traded it in on a nearly new 2012 KLR 650 outfitted with some choice accessories, and haven’t looked back.

In essence, I traded a Ferrari for a Jeep Cherokee, and I’m still wondering if I’ll ever have any regrets over the decision. Smooth, serpentine pavement will probably bring a nostalgic tear to my eye occasionally, but there will always be the Colorado dirt road mountain passes to even things out. I mentioned in a previous blog that I wanted to eventually cut back to three bikes, and now I’ve done it. In the future, I may combine the functions of the KLR and my V-Strom with a large adventure bike and simplify things further.

I’m starting to realize that accumulating more things doesn’t necessarily mean having more fun, and that time to enjoy what you do have is the most important thing of all. And that, I suppose, could be considered yet another epiphany.


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