Razor Gold Wing Trike Conversion

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Razor Gold Wing Trike ConversionThere are plenty of companies out there offering to add a third wheel to Honda’s preeminent touring machine, and one very interesting option is the Razor from Motor Trike. One thing that sets the Razor apart from other Gold Wing trike kits is its suspension. For the Razor, Motor Trike starts with a fully independent rear suspension and incorporates their patented air ride system, which allows for reduced spring rates and a more comfortable ride. The standard Razor also boasts 9.2 cubic feet of storage, a redesigned driveshaft, onboard air compressor, and chrome steel wheels. There are also plenty of options available to customize the kit including various paint and wheel choices, a matching trailer, and plenty more. The Razor kit starts at $8,395 and comes with a three-year, 60,000-mile warranty. Find out more at www.motortrike.com.

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