2013 RoadRUNNER Holiday Gift Guide

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2014 RoadRUNNER Holiday Gift Guide

3BR Powersports3BR Powersports
(408) 725-8010
You are on a long adventure tour, it’s pouring rain, and you HAVE to find fuel. No problem. Your GPS stayed plugged in to a 3BR Powersports TAPP USB power port when the weather turned ugly. No more having to unplug and rely on batteries in bad weather. TAPP’s 2.1A output will charge even the most power hungry tablets and smartphones. Available panel mount, universal mount, and bike specific models make installation a snap.


6th Gear




Sonara Jacket
6th Gear Racing Apparel
(888) 684-4327
• Waterproof with breathable membrane
• Great fit, 
excellent price
• MSRP: $189.00
• 3 colors available
• 15% discount if 
purchased by 12/23/2013
15% discount also applied if bought through 6th Gear dealers.
25% discount will be offered at any International 
Motorcycle Shows 2013-2014.
For more information, please visit our website.




arbusGranit Detecto X-Plus 8077
ABUS Mobile Security
(312) 640-1111
The Granit Detecto X-Plus 8077 is the top of the line alarm disc lock from ABUS. It features a stealthy look, serious corrosion coatings, and it is made from the highest-grade, specially hardened steel to resist all forms of attack. In addition to its 13mm bolt and sturdy lock body, it features a 3D motion-sensing alarm. The slightest movement activates the 110db alarm, scaring off any would-be thieves or notifying a helmeted rider that a lock is present. $179.99






GlowRider™ Vest
This holiday season, give the gift of safety! The GlowRider Vest features Electro-Luminescent (EL) strips that light up with the push of a button. The hi-viz color will make you stand out in the daylight and the EL strips on the back and sides will significantly increase your nighttime visibility. Made of mesh material with chest and side pockets, it can be worn over an existing jacket or by itself.







Protekt Khaki Pants
These American made, relaxed fit, 100-percent cotton khaki pants are equally at home in the office or riding down the road, thanks to the hidden knee-pad pockets and durable construction. Concealed zippers open to reveal pockets for optional TF3 knee-impact armor. Pads remove in seconds for the look and function of standard-issue office wear. Triple layer knee and seat with 200D Cordura layer for enhanced abrasion resistance. Innovative design.







The AltRider Side Stand Foot
The AltRider Side Stand Foot for the BMW R 1200 GS Watercooled provides a larger footprint, which prevents it from sinking into hot pavement or instability on dirt. The highlighted logo on the top plate keeps the weight down while removing unnecessary material from the bottom plate. Torx fasteners clamp on the foot of the stand, assuring tightness for months. Made from 1/8- inch stainless, it features a 3D tread for boot traction. Also available in black and silver for many other adventure motorcycles. $54.99


Cycle PumpCyclePump Motorcycle Tire Inflator
(425) 673-1023
The CyclePump fills your tires anywhere, anytime. Low tire? Flat tire? No problem. Just connect to your bike’s power outlet or battery terminals, and in 3 to 4 minutes you’ll be at full highway pressure. Expedition components, sturdy aluminum case, 8-ft cord, 18” air hose, locking brass air chuck, storage pouch, and a power plug that fits BMW and cigarette outlets, as well as battery alligator clips and SAE cord connectors. The CyclePump is made in America, which means it’s made to last. $100.00



Baker BuiltBaker Built Air Wings
(800) 451-9464
Baker Built Air Wings are easily adjusted to bring cooler air 
to the rider’s arms and chest on hot days or to keep riders 
warmer and dryer in wet/cold weather by bringing in the 
engine heat. Air Wings let the rider tailor the airflow behind 
the fairing to suit any riding condition. To find out if we have 
Air Wings for your bike, visit our website at www.bakerbuilt.
com or give us a call at (800) 451-9464.


BMW Motorrad Navigator V
Take to the road with confidence and information at your 
GORE-TEX gloved fingertips. Features include a large, bright 5-inch color touch screen, preloaded maps of North America including lifetime updates, vehicle data exchange with some models, and a Garmin Smartphone link that provides real time traffic and weather. The new BMW Motorrad Navigator 
V is available at authorized BMW motorcycle retailers.
MSRP: $799.00 for models with factory GPS prep.
MSRP: $899.00 including advanced cradle.




Butler Maps
(877) 379-6053
Not all roads were created equally. If you don’t have a lifetime to search out the best ones, Butler Motorcycle Maps has you covered. These waterproof and tear resistant maps highlight every great section of road so you can head straight for the good stuff. Built for slabbers and dual sporters. No tankbag should go without! Single maps start at $14.95, or go big with a map set that includes a free carrying case and free gift-wrapping.




Cardo Systems


Cardo scala rider® G9
Cardo allows you to do with your voice what was once only possible by taking your hands off the bars. Communicate hands-free with four-way conferencing, voice toggle between any two of up to eight riders, or listen to MP3 music and radio–all with crystal-clear sound. The scala rider G9® has the industry’s longest range and is customizable through the online Cardo Community, which allows riders to build lists of friends, pre-pair with other riders, and much more.



Fox Creek Leather

Fox Creek Leather
(800) 766-4165
Style and functionality that transcend time. Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee. Simple, no frills styling and functionality intersect with the finest materials and workmanship to give you a jacket you can wear every day of your life and pass on to your great-grandchildren. If you are not satisfied, send it back for a full refund.







Corbin Motorcycle Seats & Accessories
Corbin’s modular seating system is like having a convertible motorcycle! Radically change the look of your F6B into a stunning solo touring conversion with the Corbin Smuggler trunk, and swap in the Corbin rear seat when traveling two-up for the ultimate flexibility and convenience!
If you tour solo or commute, you’ll love this Smuggler. Artfully designed and color matched to your paint to give a totally integrated look while adding 17 liters of convenient storage.


slidersSliders Kevlar Pants
Competition Accessories
Sliders Kevlar gear has built up quite a reputation for their Kevlar-lined jeans, but did you know they also offer Kevlar-lined Khakis and Cargos? Whether you are riding to work or just want to ride in style, Sliders Kevlar Khakis and Cargos look just like regular pants from the outside with a heavy-duty, yet soft, cotton shell. On the inside, you’ll find genuine DuPont Kevlar covering the knees, hips, and seat of the pants, along with height-adjustable pockets for their optional CE Certified Knee Armor.







LDComfort™ Motorcycle Undergarments
(360) 539-2043
Give the gift of pain-free riding. LDComfort™ makes the finest riding shorts designed specifically for the comfort of motorcycle riders. No other undergarment can give you pain-free saddle time like LDComfort Riding Shorts, the only choice for endurance riders the world over. Millions of proven miles show our dual-layer fabric means the end of saddlesores. The only garment with an inner dry layer to keep you dry. Gift certificates available. MSRP Men’s-$44.98 Women’s-$39.95.


Giant Loop Luggage


Siskiyou Panniers
Giant Loop
(458) 206-9113
A ‘round-the-world contender, the Siskiyou Panniers combine the convenience of hard panniers with all of Giant Loop’s adventure-proven performance advantages. Rugged, rackless, lightweight—and sexy—the Siskiyou Panniers mount/dismount in minutes. Includes two laser-cut aluminum heat shields and stainless steel mounting clamps, two waterproof inner liner pods, and a limited lifetime warranty. Total volume is 70 liters. Adjustable width fits bikes without and with luggage racks. Designed in Bend, Oregon. Made in USA. Ridden worldwide.

Hartco Seats


Hartco Seats
(800) 446-7772
2013-2014 Hartco Pro Tour with plug & play heat.
• Velour tops or all vinyl
• Optional upright passenger backrest
• Made for all years of all Gold Wings
• Only company to use NASA memory foam
All seats custom designed to height, weight, and both rider and passenger inseams
Building Custom Seats for 33 Years!

Rocky Creek Designs


The MotoPressor
Rocky Creek Designs
The MotoPressor can be used to inflate tires, top off your 
air shocks, inflate airbeds or anything else, anywhere, anytime, 
over and over again. ULTRA compact, this stripped down 
pocket pump weighs in at only 20 ounces and fits in the 
palm of your hand. What it lacks in looks, it makes up for 
in performance and functionality–which is what you 
really need when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Classic II





Classic Motorcycle II Jacket
Fox Creek Leather
(800) 766-4165
The Classic II has consistently been one of our top three sellers. The antique brass hardware, our signature 1.4 to 1.6 mm leather, and the timeless simplicity of great style and functionality combine to make this beauty a go-to jacket. The Classic II is vented in the front, back, and sleeves. It has a zip-out liner, neck warmer, double inside pockets (one zippered and one snapped), and laced sides that allow for variable waist adjustment. Great to ride in and fun to look at. Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee. Invest in a chunk of history.


Leader Motorcycle Accesories



Leader Motorcycle Accessories
(800) 828-0844
A family-owned business specializing in Gadget Mounts 
& Cold/Rainy Riding! Are you a gadget lover? Mounts for 
GPS, phone, iPod/MP3, radio, camera, clocks, and drink 
holders. No matter what you ride, Leader’s got a mount for 
it! Want to stretch your riding season? The Desert Dawgs 
keep you warm in the cold and dry in the rain! And perhaps 
best of all … Leader manufactures IN THE USA!





shirtActive Wear Riding Shirt (Long Sleeve)
Our Active Wear Riding Shirt has just the right elements of style, close-to-body-fit, and comfort. Throw this dry-wicking long sleeve shirt underneath your riding jacket year round and ride with confidence and comfort for miles: the Double Dry™ fabric from Champion stretches four ways giving you room to breathe under any conditions. Surprise your favorite motorcyclist this holiday season or treat yourself!





MotoMark1 Motorcycle Training
(919) 637-0947
Making ordinary riders into extraordinary drivers. MotoMark1 offers a safe, FUN, and constantly refined learning experience. Drive on purpose, on- or off-pavement. The way you practice is how you’ll react. Passionate coaches challenge you to be safe and avoid injury, no matter your skill level. Improve technique and build confidence by training in real-world scenarios in a controlled environment, then practicing techniques on the road. Radio communication and video critiques provide fast feedback. Got training? Get some @ MotoMark1.




motochelloMotoChello Stereo System for Riders
(855) 326-3953
If you enjoy music and want audio clarity, you’ll love 
MotoChello’s full-function stereo system. With handlebar-
mounted controls, the MC-100 has features you’d expect from a premium stereo with added functions unique to riding—like clear, full duplex intercom for natural conversations and bike-to-bike communications. Multiple sourcing lets you listen to music and still hear GPS instructions or other messages without switching devices. Includes headsets. Earphone compatible.



Tour and Rentals in Colombia
(773) 727-1790
This holiday, give the Motorcycle Adventure of a lifetime to your loved one! Motolombia – Tours and Rentals in Colombia can issue a gift certificate of any value for any tour or rental with 
departure in 2014. Not only will we send a nice certificate to your address of choice if you order in time, but we will also 
add $100 for every $500 you purchase. Write to usa@
motolombia.com, and mention the RoadRUNNER Gift Guide!



Latitude Misano Jacket and Pant
The updated Latitude Misano Jacket and Pant enter the KLIM family with adventurous, comfortable riding in mind. Delivering increased mobility and lighter weight while still providing KLIM-worthy durability, the Latitude Misano series is set to perform and offers the easiest fit. The GORE-TEX® Performance Shell and Misano Cordura® fabric laminate in the main body of each piece adds flexibility while KLIM’s 840D Cordura® and GORE-TEX® Laminate take on the toughest duties in the highest abrasion zones.






Motorhead Coffee
(812) 322-5349
Motorhead Coffee is a small-batch artisan roaster, catering to the wanderers, vagabonds, and restless souls of the road. We offer high quality coffee, roasted and delivered as fast as our horsepower will allow. Motorhead Coffee is headed your way. See you on the road!
Visit us on the web at: www.motorheadcoffee.com. Contact us at: shep@motorheadcoffee.com or call (812) 322-5349.



GL1800 Suspension
More miles with less wear and tear on the body. Race Tech 
G3-S Custom Shocks for the GL1800 provide a smooth ride with great bottoming resistance. Each shock includes external 
rebound adjustment and gold valves; plus personalized 
valving and spring selection.
RT Hi-Performance Springs and Gold Valve Emulators provide 
the ultimate in comfort and handling for your GL1800 forks. Experience additional dive control, a plush ride, and excellent bottoming resistance with award winning emulators and springs.



Top Lite™
(888) 960-1600
The Top Lite™ provides bright LED lighting for the interior of your top trunk or side bags. The rugged metal case will stand up to the rigors of travel, and the automatic on/off function means you can’t close the lid with the light on. Powered by AAA batteries to prevent draining the bike battery. Easy to install. Trunk model shown is $24.95. Models available for most touring motorcycles. Made in the USA!






Series II Expedition Tent
Redverz Gear
(720) 213-8287
We Don’t Do Cramped!
Functional, versatile, and incredibly comfortable, the Series 
II Expedition Tent is tall enough to both stand in and 
enclose a fully-loaded adventure bike. The spacious garage 
doubles as a changing area, dining room, or lounge to sit 
out a storm. Setup is quick, pack size is small, and cost 
is just $449. Add an Awning Kit for shade or a watertight 
50-Liter Dry Bag for impermeable protection.


Liquid Performance Ethanol Equalizer
Liquid Performance Ethanol Equalizer is all you need to fix problems related to ethanol added fuels. Its synthetic blend removes water from fuel and stops fuel system corrosion and ethanol phase separation that robs fuel of octane. Ethanol Equalizer replaces lost octane, increases horsepower, lubricates and cleans the entire fuel system, and stabilizes fuel for up to 36 months. One ounce treats up to 10 gallons.
See product test video at liquidperformance.com.








(800) 525-7422
The key to achieving LED performance advantages is PIAA’s advanced Reflective Facing Technology (RFT). PIAA’s exclusive computer-designed, multi-surface reflector concentrates and focuses the beam pattern of the rearward-facing LED bulbs more precisely than forward-facing LED lamps. RFT is featured in PIAA’s new 530LED Series lamps and new 570LED Series lamps.
FTB3600 Sport Sissy Bar and Combo Bag




The Saddlemen FTB3600 sport sissy bar and combo bag has the style and storage space you’re looking for. Adjustable backrest sleeve and hold-down straps securely fit any seat, rack, or sissy bar. Comes equipped with a clip-on top bag to hold extra cargo and a high-visibility rain cover to keep things dry. Hefty 25 lb. capacity with a 20” W x 21” H x 11.5” D main bag and 16” W x 4.5” H x 9.5” D top bag.
Suggested retail: $169.95



Shoei GT Air



GT-Air Helmet
The unknown road and its varying elements can throw a lot your way. Thankfully, SHOEI’s innovative and adaptive GT-Air can help you take on the ever-changing conditions that lie ahead. Boasting a convenient flip-down internal sun shield, easily adjustable free-flowing ventilation system, streamlined aerodynamics, and Pinlock Anti-Fog System, the GT-Air delivers unrivaled comfort and performance. Answer the call of the open road in SHOEI’s first internal sun shield-equipped full-face helmet. Riding has never been better. Solids: MSRP starting at $549.99 – Graphics: MSRP $670.99


Ergo 365 Pro Expedition Suit
Ergo 365 Pro Expedition Textile Suit represents a turning point in the evolution of touring: it features a thermo insulating wadding and the H2Out waterproof/breathable membrane; a built-in Level 2 CE certified Warrior Back Protector; CE certified Biomechanic and Multitech protectors on shoulders, elbows, hips and knees; a Hydroback touring system for re-hydrating; and a map-ready back pocket able to become a tank bag on its own. By SPIDI, world leader of adventure touring apparel and third generation of the ultimate motorcycle touring equipment.
Colors: Black, White
Sizes: M-3XL
Prices: Jacket: $1,299.90, Pants: $699.90



Saddlebag Caps-TB6200SC (sold in pairs)
Thermoformed to fit perfectly over H-D hard saddlebag lids (1993-2013). No stretching and pulling to fit them right. No rolled up corners, like the thin covers; no wrinkles in hot weather. Just drop them in place—they are contoured to fit the lid perfectly. Dent-recovery foam between rich synthetic leather and felt bottoms protect your paint. Only soft felt undersides touch your paint. Installs in minutes – adhesive Velcro strips attach to underside of lid. Offer stylish paint protection for your saddlebag lids!
MSRP $129.95



Garmin Zumo 350LM
Touratech USA
The Garmin Zumo 350LM is a great GPS for street touring on just about any motorcycle. Its durability, combined with many advanced features, make this the perfect GPS unit for long distance riding or even riding around town. Touratech has put together this Garmin Zumo 350LM and Touratech mount package to suit the needs of most touring motorcyclists. It includes a vibration-dampened, all aluminum, Touratech locking GPS mount and the Garmin Zumo 350LM GPS Unit.
MSRP $829.95


Ultimate SeatsUltimate Seats
(877) 672-0288
Ultimate Seats are designed with your ultimate comfort as the first priority. Our design expertise guarantees to give you a long-distance, no “numb bum” ride with our exclusive comfort memory foam. We design our seat with the proper nose angle, which prevents sliding forward. With our seats, you sit in the seat, not on it. We stand behind our belief that our seats are the best in the market by offering a 14-day test ride guarantee.



BMW Motorrad auxiliary brake/tail LED light for CAN Bus models
The first rule of safety—be seen. Mounted on a powder-coated license plate adapter frame with weatherproof connections, the ultra bright, clear lens, XT-4 red LED will make your presence unmistakable to the motorist behind you even on the sunniest days. Installation requires separate purchase of an adapter harness specific for your year and model BMW. See your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer for specific part numbers and pricing. Not all models supported. MSRP: $129.00



Vee Rubber
Vee Rubber is proud and excited about the latest addition to their performance family of tires, the ARACHNID. This tire is designed exclusively for the Spyder with specific compound, construction, and weight carrying capacity to enhance the ride and performance of one of the most popular motorcycles to come on the market in the last 20 years. The Spyder rider demands performance, mileage, and a fun ride. The ARACHNID offers all of that (and more) to the rider.






Echo Plug & Go
(425) 656-0683
Rev up your mobile device while on the road with Echo Plug & Go! The convenient, handlebar-mounted system securely holds in place your cellphone, GPS, or MP3 player while charging it at the same time. Your device is kept safe with an internal resistor for surge protection. Echo Plug & Go installs easily and adjusts to different size handlebars from 7/8” to 1 1/4” in diameter. The waterproof Echo Plug & Go comes with a battery post connector and three different charging tips. MSRP: $64.99.






Sliders Cold Pro Waterproof Gloves with Kevlar
Competition Accessories
Sliders Cold Pro Gloves feature a Hipora waterproof, breathable membrane, with 100 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep your hands dry and warm all winter long. The outer portion of the gloves are constructed using cowhide leather and textile material, which allows Sliders to offer these gloves in a variety of colors, including two Hi-Viz options. Genuine DuPont Kevlar is used for additional abrasion protection, while a molded knuckle guard is used at the back of the hand to protect against impact. Considering their long list of features, it is pretty amazing that these gloves come in at less than $40!



NEW Darla Lights
Clearwater Lights
We have packed 2000 plus lumens into each dimmable 2” light while still utilizing very little power. Hundreds of mounting 
options! This light is surely going to turn heads. Darlas will make you more visible to other drivers, and illuminate your route at night. You won’t believe how bright she is! Made in USA.
• 20 Watts of power
• 2000+ Lumens
• Dimmable
• Great For Conspicuity
• Ideal For Dark Road Use
Quick Disconnect Harley Davidson


2X2 CyclesGolf/Bike Carriers
2X2 Cycles
www.2x2cycles.com, ride@2x2cycles.com
(919) 590-0707
Bicycle Racks for your motorcycle. Golf Carriers for your motorcycle.
Introducing Quick Disconnect Harley Davidson Golf and Bike Carriers.
Proudly made in the USA.





Kriega US Tail Pack Systems
(504) 872-9367
Constructed from premium grade materials, British company, Kriega’s award-winning Drypacks deliver 100% guaranteed waterproofing, backed with a solid 10-year warranty. Starting at $99, individual packs range from 10 to 30 liters capacity and feature a modular design, which enables variously sized packs to be attached to each other in configurations of up to 90 liters. The unique Alloy Hook Strap system secures packs to the passenger seat or rack of almost any machine in moments.

Seat Comfort Systems


Seat Comfort Systems
motoseatheat.com or seatcomfort.com
Seat Heater for the True Rider. We have developed this 
heater to be quickly installed in motorcycle and ATV seats. 
Our Universal Motorcycle Seat Heater is available in 2 switch 
options: Handlebar mount or a water resistant panel switch.
With quick heat up, self regulating temperature control, easy install and control options, this can be installed by a DIY or taken to a local upholstery shop for installation. Visit our website for more info.






Frustrated with having to remove your gloves to use touch-screen devices? Get AnyGlove and keep the gloves on. AnyGlove (patent pending) makes your gloves touchscreen compatible. AnyGlove is easy to use; simply apply, dry, and you are good to go. One 15ml bottle of AnyGlove contains 550 drops, enough to treat about 5 pairs of gloves.

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