Vega Touring Boots

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Vega Touring BootsVega’s touring boot uses a double zipper configuration, with a longer one on the outside, to ease putting them on and taking them off. Each of the zippers is sewn under the outer leather and above the inner liner. Although the zippers are not waterproof, leather Velcro flaps at the top of the zippers track help protect against water intrusion. The leather uppers are waterproof. Hook-and-loop gussets at the back of each boot allow a snug, customized fit around the calf.

A guard built into the tongue helps protect your shins, but there is not a protective disc sewn into the ankle area. A soft velveteen material covers the interior. Overall the boots are attractively styled and comfortable, both on and off the motorcycle. Although they may not be at the same quality and protection levels as some of those from the big name manufacturers, they are still very competent touring footwear and a bargain at their price point.

Men’s Sizes: 8 – 13

Women’s:  5 – 11

Color: Black

Price: $79.99


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