Crash Data from Marc Marquez’s Tech Air Suit

Sep 24, 2013 View Comments by

Crash Data from Marc Marquez’s Tech Air SuitOn September 1st MotoGP rookie sensation Marc Marquez crashed between turns seven and eight during warm up laps at Silverstone. At the time he was wearing the Tech Air airbag suit from Alpinestars. The graph above shows the impact forces recorded by Marquez’s suit as the event unfolded. The yellow line down the middle indicates the moment when the suit inflated the airbag, a scant .055 seconds before Marquez’s left shoulder made impact. The crash generated a peak of 22.55g and resulted in a dislocated shoulder, which doctors were able to pop back into place without surgery. The technological advancement in the safety gear used in MotoGP and other levels of racing is impressive and exciting, especially since much of it will eventually trickle down to street riders.

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