Trans America Trail: Dam Steak

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Trans America Trail: Dam SteakToday I completed the Tennessee portion of the Trans America Trail. Tomorrow I cross into Mississippi. I am looking forward to entering a new state. Tennessee has been beautiful, but mostly relegated to farm roads. I am sure I missed some of the water crossings that gave others such grief, which is probably good since I am traveling solo, but I am looking forward to some more interesting riding in the coming days.

This morning I had a brief “accidental” visit to Alabama. I realized I was so close that I decided to take a quick detour to mark the state off my list. After a gas stop I headed back into Tennessee. A short while later I rolled into the Pickwick State Park area. In the 1800s it was a popular riverboat stop on the lake before eventually becoming a community of builders and their families during construction of the Pickwick Dam.

It means stopping early for the day, but after a look at the map it seems to be my best bet between towns. I choose the Pickwick State Park Lodge since each of its rooms overlooks the lake. It’s a good place to catch up on email, do some much-needed laundry, and map out my plan for the next few days. Better yet, it is priced the same as a chain hotel two miles away with no lake access.

In talking with the staff I learn that most state parks offer discounts for veterans and active military. Some park admissions are waived and lodging can be discounted 50-percent or more. This would have pleased my dad as he would often get frustrated that the internet lodging rates at chain motels were often better than those offered to the men and women who had served or were currently serving our country.

After enjoying a sunset perched at the end of an empty boat dock, I head upstairs to dine lakeside. In an area known for catfish, I make the unforgiveable mistake of ordering a steak—my error was confirmed even before my first bite. Oh well, the people working at the lodge are so nice it is hard to be too disappointed. Looks like the potato and veggies will have to suffice until breakfast. Tomorrow I head to Mississippi.

To be continued . . .


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