BMW C evolution Electric Scooter

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BMW C evolution Electric ScooterFor some time now BMW Motorrad has been talking about shifting to smaller, more practical mobility solutions. Well, it appears they really mean business. The new BMW C evolution scooter is styled similarly to its dinosaur juice powered siblings the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT, but that’s where the similarities end. The C evolution uses its battery compartment as its primary frame, with the steering head and swingarm bolted on at either end. The motor is a liquid-cooled permanent magnet that produces a steady 15 horsepower and a peak of 47. That’s good for an electronically limited top speed of 75 mph. The 8 kWh air-cooled lithium-ion battery pack can supply enough electrons to travel about 62 miles under normal conditions before needing a plug in. On the European standard 220V power outlets a full recharge will take about four hours.

This isn’t just a nice little design exercise either; it’s a production ready scooter that is the first electrically motivated two-wheeler to meet the ISO 26262 and ECE R100 standards for electrical safety. Standards agreed upon and adhered to by the major car companies (of which BMW is also a member). The scoot gets its energy storage modules and electronic components from BMW’s i3 electric car.

But what makes the C evolution interesting isn’t so much its technology, but that fact that it’s actually going into production. BMW truly sees a future here, and, like it or not, simply the act of such a huge and powerful company pushing a product like the C evolution into the market place will have reverberations throughout the industry.

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