Big Turnout for 24th Annual Nostalgia Run

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Big Turnout for 24th Annual Nostalgia RunEach September vintage and modern bike enthusiasts gather in north central Maryland to display and ride their mounts along the area’s bucolic backroads. This past Sunday several hundred bikes and riders congregated at the Community Park in Thurmont, MD, at the base of the Catoctin Mountains. Moderate temperatures, blue sky, low humidity, and fervent camaraderie brewed-up the perfect mix for a delightful day of motorcycling.

Participants had several routes to choose from, but were guided only by a route sheet—no maps. Following the narrow, sparsely signed pathways is always a challenge for riders not familiar with the local roads. One missed or wrong turn can send riders off route, never to be heard from again! Well, not really, but getting lost is half the fun for many. I chose the shorter, but navigationally challenging, Mountain Route.

For most of the 60-mile ride, my Honda GB 500 and I had the road to ourselves. Dappled sunlight, filtering through a lush tree canopy, accompanied the staccato beat of my thumper. A quaint country chapel and an assortment of other timeworn structures, built in a slower less hurried era, added to the ride’s nostalgic ambiance. Cruising into Myersville, I see a large gaggle of classic bikes and their riders gathered in a restaurant parking lot. Hands dive into a box of poker chips to provide proof of navigational skills, at least as far as the halfway point.

Motoring back to Thurmont, I reflect that this easy ramble through the countryside on vintage iron is a relaxing change of pace from more spirited riding. Because I’m a sucker for all manner of vintage artifacts and nostalgic settings, I’ll be looking forward to the 2014 Nostalgia Run

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