Reader Review: Uni-Go Trailer

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Reader Review: Uni-Go TrailerEditor’s note: When RoadRUNNER subscriber Francois Berger stopped by our offices while on tour, we instantly noticed the Uni-Go Trailer hitched to the back of his Honda ST1300, so we decided to ask him a few questions about it…

RR: How many miles per year do your ride and on what bike(s)? How many miles have you put on the trailer?

Francois: My bike is a 2007 Honda ST 1300 and I usually ride between 12 and 15 thousand miles per year. Since June of 2009 I’ve ridden around 20,000 miles with the trailer over 25 trips.

RR: How does the Uni-Go compare to previous trailers you’ve owned?

Francois: Very well, I am quite satisfied. I had a two-wheel trailer before and it was heavier, larger, and affected my riding more. With the Uni-Go, the only “problem” is when you turn around (make a U-turn) or ride slowly in a parking lot; you feel the weight of the trailer in the handlebars.

RR: Describe how pulling the trailer affects your motorcycle’s ride.

Francois: Except for when riding less than 20 mph it does not affect the handling. At high speed, you wonder if it’s still there. When the trailer is full, and you have to brake hard, you can feel it a bit, but under normal braking you don’t notice it much. I don’t see a difference in fuel economy either.

RR: Why did you choose a trailer instead of bigger saddlebags, more luggage, etc?

Francois: I already have two saddlebags and a topcase on my ST, but my girlfriend wanted more space. It is really convenient because when you stop you can use the trailer to store helmets and jackets.

RR: Describe the hitch the Uni-Go is attached to.

Francois: It is a special hitch that I bought from Uni-Go, which was made specifically for my bike. They make hitches for lots of different motorcycles.

RR: What are the trailers specs?

Francois: I have the Sport-Touring model; 36-inches long, 22-inches wide, 32-inches high. It has five cubic feet (140 liters) of capacity. The trailer weighs about 70 pounds and can carry 110 pounds of cargo. The Uni-Go rides on a scooter tire and as I mentioned I’ve put more than 20,000 miles on it. The seller told me that other customers have ridden 40,000 miles on one tire. The trailer runs $2,400.

RR: What’s it made out of?

Francois: Steel and fiberglass, very good construction. They even put a lighter plug inside the trailer.

In conclusion, I love my little trailer. It is very travel friendly. If I am doing a Shamrock Tour®, I always leave it in my hotel room. Only one time have I had to take it out and that was because the owner got angry saying it would dirty up the room. Only once in 20-25 hotels!


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