The Trans America Trail: A Touch of Home in Tullahoma, TN

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The Trans America Trail: A Touch of Home in Tullahoma, TNAfter my Lynchburg excursion yesterday I backtracked to Tullahoma, TN for dinner and a place to stay. Upon check-in I am virtually smacked in the face with a memory of home.

What grabs my attention is the sound of undeniable New England accents. Not a haughty type of enunciation but the more rural immigrant style inflection I grew up hearing. To be more specific, it’s how my New England Polish family sounded when I was growing up. The folks in front of me have hearty laughs that perfectly match their hearty bodies. They tease each other with an ease that only comes from years of friendship, and they talk in a “conversation volume” that could be heard two streets away; I immediately know I have found my people.

I do not hesitate to introduce myself and confirm my suspicion of their origin. Commander Robert Froelick and Adjutant/Quartermaster Ronald (Rusko) Rusakiewicz introduce themselves and their wives and explain that they are traveling to Louisville, TN for the 114th VFW National Convention. Upon hearing the obviously polish name of Rusakiewicz, I offer up my native last name of Trczyniewski in a sign of brotherhood. A name I have only recently learned after it was found in an old Bible in my grandparent’s house. A reminder of how the world has changed over the years from when something as simple as a name used to be altered to protect one’s self in social and employment situations.

We reminisce about our hometowns. I tell them how I grew up in Montville, which borders their town of Norwich. They joke about how I can keep my “skinny butt” on such a small seat for so many hours, and I thank them for calling my butt skinny. After several more good laughs we head to our rooms to unload just as the rain is coming in. The type of rain that says, “Hi, I am going to be here a while.” It looks like tomorrow will definitely be an early morning rain suit day. Unless, of course, the magic rain suit can scare it away once again. Only time will tell.

To be continued.


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