Trans America Trail Journal Day 1b: Keeping Dry in the Rain

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Trans America Trail Journal Day 1b: Keeping Dry in the RainAs I arrive in Lynchburg, TN it is raining. But I don’t get down. I ride past the large stone and metal gates and park the KLR just as the rain starts to let up. I guess the clouds got the memo about Lynchburg being in a dry county!

I head inside the large wooden doors where I am greeted by a tiny, but life-sized statue of one Mr. Jack Daniels. The clock behind him states that is 3:30 p.m. I have passed into the central time zone and didn’t even know it. Woo hoo! An extra hour!

My tour of the Jack Daniels distillery is a special one. My dad had enjoyed over 26 years of sobriety before he died. But prior to that he loved Jack Daniels. I know if he was with me he would still want to go on the tour, so I decide to go in his honor.

What is amazing to me is how this modest distillery makes their own charcoal; sources water from a single cave spring and then barrels/bottles it all from this single location. (The one exception is their newer honey whiskey, which is finished off site, by bees I suppose.)

For me the best part comes at the end . . . in the barrel room. Anyone familiar with the distillation process knows there is a bit of whiskey that is lost to evaporation during the aging process. This is commonly known as the Angel’s Share. Some other producers are finding ways to capture and bottle this—not Jack Daniels. I like to think that even if my dad is abstaining in the afterlife he is watching the angels around him enjoy a wee dram!

Additional Info:

The tour is free. However, as of 2012, there is also a second paid ($10) Tasting Tour. At the end you are presented with three half shots of whiskey, the equivalent of one ounce. This is a recent change that was initiated when a new law helped retailers offer “tastings” to get around the dry county legislation. Additionally, you can also purchase a commemorative bottle, complete with engraving. Since it is a commemorative bottle and the whiskey inside is “free” you have not purchased alcohol in a dry county! Isn’t it funny how the law works?

To be continued . . .


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