BMW Motorrad Achieves Record Sales

Aug 25, 2013 View Comments by

BMW Motorrad Achieves Record SalesThe financial footing of the major motorcycle manufacturers is an important measuring stick for the health of the motorcycle industry as a whole, and, at least as BMW is concerned, the future is looking pretty good. The hard economic times since 2008 have seen the industry muddle through stagnant sales. There response, in general, has been to hunker down, look for ways to manufacture their products more cheaply, and spend less money on R & D for new models. The past couple of years have seen that trend largely reversed, Honda has released more models in the last year than seems possible, all new bikes are starting to hit the market again, and sales seem to be picking up. According to BMW (which released its new water-cooled R 1200 GS earlier this year) the period from January through July 2013 has seen a nearly 10-percent sales increase compared to 2012, which in itself was a significant improvement over the previous year. These sales included 11,241 motorcycle and scooter sales in July alone, the best July the company has ever seen. Naturally, the top seller has been the new water-boxer.

It’s certainly good to see a premium brand like BMW setting sales records, as it’s a very good omen for the rest of the manufacturers and the motorcycle market. Strong sales by OEMs lead to new technology and innovation, and eventually to better motorcycles, which is a solid win for the riding public.

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