Book Review: Red Tape and White Knuckles

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Book Review: Red Tape and White KnucklesThese days motorcycle adventure logs are starting to become a dime a dozen. At one time circumnavigating the globe, or even crossing a continent, on a motorcycle was akin to summiting Mt. Everest. Now, much like Everest, the adventure has been at least somewhat commercialized (though it’s by no means easy). That’s why Lois Pryce’s Red Tape and White Knuckles is such a breath of fresh air. The subtitle, One Woman’s Motorcycle Adventure through Africa, certainly doesn’t do her quest justice. But what really sets this book apart is not the adventure in and of itself, though her 10,000-mile journey from London to Cape Town, South Africa on a 250cc motorcycle certainly qualifies as such. No, what sets Red Tape and White Knuckles apart from most of its contemporaries is the way in which Pryce recounts her tale. From the first few pages it’s obvious that Pryce is a natural storyteller as her narrative is both relaxed and engaging. It’s funny too. Pryce tells her story with a natural, and very British, sense of humor that belies the danger and seriousness of the situations and challenges she finds herself facing. The effect is such that the reader quickly attains a respect and affinity for this brave, but normal, woman as she overcomes her fears (and digestive issues) and presses on through the heart of Africa.



Red Tape and White Knuckles: One Woman’s Motorcycle Adventure through Africa

By Lois Pryce

Octane Press

416 Pages


ISBN: 978-1937747138


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