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Saddlemen Custom SeatOne of my biggest complaints about riding our ’99 Triumph Speed Triple has always been the seat. Even though I prefer a hard seat to a softer one, the stock option just isn’t comfortable for a long day in the saddle, especially multiple days on the road. The Race Tech suspension is set up sporty, so if the asphalt is less than perfect, it won’t matter if you’re in the middle of a picturesque landscape—you’ll be looking for the first smooth road to turn off on. The stock seat is too slippery when I wear pants made out of anything except leather. Of course, the rain only exaggerates this problem.

When it came time to look for a new seat, we chose Saddlemen for their Gel Channel technology. The channel relieves pressure on your bottom and at the end of the spine, thereby greatly enhancing all-day riding comfort. It can also be color matched to your motorcycle. Our lime-green Speed Triple is difficult to match, but Saddlemen got it just about perfect without even seeing the bike. The other feature of this technology is the gel inserts. At first I thought the seat might be too soft, but after a day of riding without even thinking about pain, the seat has verified itself. The different material also solved the slipping problem. I now feel comfortable and secure.

In addition, the skilled seat makers at Saddlemen’s California factory reshaped the seat slightly to come up higher in the rear for more control during aggressive riding.

We also sent in our passenger seat for a matching cover. Because we never know how a custom seat will finally work out, we found a cheap seat pan online and used it for the custom work. In retrospect, that was unnecessary.

Ever since the new seat was installed, the Speed Triple has seen a lot more exercise.

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Saddlemen Custom Seat

Price: $280

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