Alpinestars Tech ST GORE-TEX Jacket and Pants

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Alpinestars Tech ST GORE-TEX Jacket and PantsIn general, the term “all-weather” is applied far too liberally to any gear with a removable liner. If advertising accuracy were as important as, well, advertising, the term would be revised to “most-weather” or “some-weather.” In reality, no single article of clothing outside of a space suit can honestly claim to be “all-weather.” There are, however, some that come pretty close. The Tech ST GORE-TEX Jacket and Pants from Alpinestars is one such ensemble. I put the Tech ST gear through a fairly stout cold weather test, and then a much warmer trial.

On a damp, foggy morning in January, I headed out on the road. The ambient temperature was around 35 degrees, and traveling around 60 mph brought the wind chill factor to a decidedly uncomfortable 17 degrees. Fortunately, the GORE-TEX outer layer of the Tech ST kept the piercing wind at bay. Even though it wasn’t raining, I found myself wiping the water from my face shield several times a minute just to be able to see. The rest of my gear was similarly drenched, but the Tech ST proved to be water tight as no wetness penetrated the GORE-TEX. Contributing greatly to its all-weather credentials is a removable, thermal liner in both the jacket and pants, which does an admirable job of keeping you warm, even in the coldest weather. Unfortunately, when the mercury rises another 50 degrees or so, the Tech ST doesn’t seem so “all-weather” anymore. The outer shell, while wonderfully water and wind proof, doesn’t let any air through, and the tiny vents don’t provide much relief. Suffice to say, if it’s more than 75 degrees, you’re going to wish you’d worn something else.

Protection comes from CE-certified soft shoulder, elbow, and knee pads as well as upgradeable padding on the chest, back, and hips. Abrasion resistance comes from leather panels on the knees, shoulders, elbows, seat, ankles, and hips (as well as GORE-TEX Armacore panels at strategic locations). Other notable features include a zip-off, wind-stopping collar, removable suspenders, a plethora of adjustable straps to help attain a perfect fit, and various stretch panels to keep you flexible. The Alpinestars Tech ST jacket and pants are high tech, full of features, and are made of the finest materials. They have the price tag to prove it. It is a highly effective, comfortable, and weatherproof, three-season outfit, but you’re going to want to leave it home for summer.

Alpinestars Tech ST GORE-TEX Jacket

Sizes: S-3XL, Color: black

Price: $899.95

Alpinestars Tech ST GORE-TEX Pants

Sizes: 32-44 (waist), Color: black

Price: $799.95

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