Ride the Divide – Day 13: Over the Mountains and Through the Woods

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Ride the Divide - Day 13: Over the Mountains and Through the WoodsThe terrain in New Mexico has been the most varied of the states we’ve crossed. Today’s ride couldn’t have been more different from those before it. Instead of crossing a vast stretch of desert, our route took us into the Apache and Sitgreaves National Forests. Over and around lush green mountains we worked our way down the divide.

But not without a stop in the utopian village known as Pie Town. Imagine an entire town dedicated to the perfect food. Pie. Imagine no more, it exists and each year on the second Saturday in September, they go all out with the Pie Town Pie Festival. I may have to find my way back here next month.

We end the day in Silver City with plans to reach the U.S. / Mexico border by mid-day tomorrow.


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