Ride the Divide – Day 10: Goodbye Colorado, Hello New Mexico!

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Ride the Divide - Day 10:  Goodbye Colorado, Hello New Mexico!After a day of rest, Dave and I were both ready to get back on the road. After a bit of confusion, we picked up our route out of Salida and in no time we left the city and civilization behind. We passed a few long abandon homesteads and the remains of what I assume was a small mining town. Now there’s nothing but the skeletons of buildings to mark the lives etched out here long ago.

Just outside of Del Norte, CO we once again joined up with the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route before heading up Indiana Pass. At 11,910 feet it is the highest on our route. It has been a full day of great riding and we are both looking forward to more tomorrow.

Text and photography by Brian Shaney, additional photos by David Wenk

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