Second Annual Carson Valley/Lake Tahoe Adventure Moto Rally

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Second Annual Carson Valley/Lake Tahoe Adventure Moto RallyComing around the corner is the second annual Carson Valley/Lake Tahoe Adventure Moto ride and rally offering a heaping helping of motorcycle fun and travel. Worthy of the mouthful of words used to title it; the adventure moto rendezvous is slated for the weekend of August 22-25 and straddles the California/Nevada border. Mindful that the terrain has more to offer than just high desert routes crisscrossing historical wagon trails, the rendezvous caters to more than just dirty-bike riders with the inclusion of spectacular paved routes as well.

Nestled in the Sierra foothills of the Carson Valley, the event’s host hotel this year will be the Carson Valley Inn, in Minden, NV. Nearby campgrounds are also available for those of you lacking self-control in a casino property. But where else besides northern Nevada would you see a Kawasaki KLR as a progressive slots prize?

Catering to both adventurers of the asphalt as well as the dusty trail, off-bike features of the Rendezvous will include a Friday night welcome BBQ, musical entertainment, guest speakers, vendors, and more.

Both of the featured guest speakers for Saturday night’s dinner will be offering riding demos on Friday and Saturday, as well as full-featured riding classes (for an additional cost) on the Thursday before the event: one for the adventure bike market and one for the street riders in the group.

And how much better could you begin your high mountain adventure than with intimate instruction from these world-renowned ride instructors? Returning for a second time to the Rendezvous is the dirt-riding guru Jimmy Lewis (Dakar podium finisher and four-time ISDE Gold medalist and all around cool cat), here to teach you how to ride your big adventure bike off the pavement.

Meanwhile, the pavement pounders are offered instruction from the street master himself, Walt Fulton. As with Jimmy Lewis, Walt’s list of accomplishments and reasons you should be listening to him is too long to publish here (Google!), but most notable is Walt’s appearance in the famed On Any Sunday flick and his three Daytona wins… he’s a rider, former racer, and currently teaches the Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshop.

Destined to be an epic weekend in the desert, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how much more green and lush the landscape is when you ride through knee-deep water crossings and traversing 10,000 foot mountain passes—bring your camera!

Along with a location change this year is a price drop to $185 for the full weekend (four days) that includes vendors, seminars, ride maps, moto, and trailer parking, a welcome dinner on Friday, and a souvenir T-shirt. Lodging costs are extra. (See the website for more information).

And like any good motorcycle rally, the journey to and from the event should include a nice ride as well. Our pre-ride took us from the car-encrusted Los Angeles basin to the Carson Valley up Route 395 through some of the country’s best scenery (See our March/April 2013 cover story for more). Camping along the way, we found our own adventures on- and off-pavement, as you see pictured here. Come make your own legendary weekend in the Cal/Neva range!

Coming August 22-25, 2013

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