My Fourth of July

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Fourth of JulyHappy (belated) Fourth of July to all of you Adventurers. Today I am sitting on anchor in Egegik, AK. It’s a small fishing village that is part of the Bristol Bay Region. Our sockeye season came fast and early and now we are all standing down, waiting for more fish to show. Typically the peak of the season hits on the Fourth of July, keeping us busy around the clock, but this year is different. The department of Fish and Game has suspended us from fishing until further notice. My days now consist of watching movies on my laptop and writing articles for RoadRUNNER.  In “town” we have very limited internet, enough to send emails after a few attempts, but not enough for me to check out my favorite motorcycle sites to see what’s new and happening out there. The expectation is that we still have another seven days or so until they may open the waters back up for fishing. I look at this as a good time to catch up on my writing, but it’s hard to focus on it while I am thinking of my salmon season. So much of my life depends on how I perform up here. Especially how much I will get to travel and ride motorcycles before the next season.

I hope that tomorrow brings us a fishing period, but it is looking pretty grim. So for now I will leave you with a photo I took during a Fourth of July beach party. It was the first Independence Day that I have spent on land in 11 years, which is kind of strange to think about. Because fishing was suspended, everyone in the bay went down to the beach for a huge fire and fireworks show. We were looking for something a little more chill, so my friends and I sat on the bluff above the party watching over the whole spectacle of drunken fishermen sharing stories and mingling with the few women that are up here. There was only one fight that I know of, which makes for a pretty successful night.

I guess the moral is, it’s not where you are or what situation you are in, it’s the attitude you have that matters. For now, I am stuck in Egegik, AK with no money to be made fishing, but I am still out here shooting photos, writing, and looking forward to the riding adventures that lie ahead.

Coming soon… riding the TAT with the Adventure Hermit.

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