New Aerostich Roadcrafter Tactical

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New Aerostich Roadcrafter TacticalThe Aerostich suit has become the go to riding gear for many riders (particularly those whose motorcycles are of German descent). The basic premise of the suit hasn’t changed much in the 30 odd years they’ve been around, so changes and new models are always an interesting development. The latest is the Roadcrafter Tactical suit. According to Aerostich, the Tactical is designed to portray a more classic aesthetic, like a vintage leather race suit or a pair of coveralls, as opposed to the more futuristically styled other Roadcrafter models. It’s also a bit lighter and more flexible while offering the same level of protection. The Tactical achieves its look by ditching the two-color ballistic nylon areas for a mono color scheme. It features a 500 Denier Cordura GORE-TEX outer layer with a Supernyl lining. Its pockets, vents, and armor are all from the original Roadcrafter. Colors are; black, gray, red, hi-viz yellow, tan, or cobalt blue. The tactical is available in one or two pieces. For more, head on over to








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