Lehman Trikes Gold Wing F6B Trike

Jul 10, 2013 View Comments by

Lehman Trikes Gold Wing F6B Trike We all knew it was coming, even if you didn’t give it a moment’s thought, you knew. With the addition of the F6B, Honda has not only created a worthy alternative to its stalwart touring machine, they’ve created another great trike platform. Judging from observations from rallies and the road, the Honda Gold Wing is by far the most popular motorcycle to add a wheel to, so it was only a matter of time until its almost identical twin got the same treatment. Spearfish, SD based Lehman Trikes has just announced that their Monarch II LLS trike conversion kit is now available for the F6B. The kit features Lehman’s independent suspension, parking brake, six cubic foot trunk with vertical lift door, and lots of available options. The kit starts at $8,745; so if your new bagger doesn’t have enough wheels, head over to www.lehmantrikes.com.

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