RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: Spearfish Canyon, SD

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RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: Spearfish Canyon, SDAlthough not a long ride, this route definitely should be on your bucket list. Limestone palisades crowd the narrow boundaries of this creek-carved gorge; it’s said to be older than the Grand Canyon. Until 1893 it was only accessible on horseback, but now a smooth two-lane road snakes its way through the canyon’s 1,000-foot walls. Spearfish Canyon is among the most spectacular scenery in the Black Hills. And, as indicated on the accompanying map, there are many spectacular things to stop and see along the route.

Scenery: The canyon has exceptionally beautiful views with numerous waterfalls, sheer canyon walls, lush vegetation, and a gorgeous rushing river.

Curves: The route is virtually all curves.

Traffic: Generally light, but can be crowded, depending on events in the area, time of week, and time of day

Distance: 20 miles

Time Required: 30 minutes without stops

Technical Difficulty: High if taken at speed




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