Laundry Day

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Laundry dayI haven’t been posting the last few weeks because I am in Egegik, AK (google it) trying to catch my share of salmon for the year. This is the job that floats me through the rest of the year allowing me to ride so much. This season has been really strange, as always, so today the Department of Fish and Game decided to shut us down because the escapement is behind schedule. This means that I get to go to into “town” to find some Internet and check my email. It’s nice to get off the boat sometimes—even if it’s only for a couple of hours.

I took this photo 10 days ago in the boat yard while everyone was prepping their vessels for the 2013 sockeye season. Getting around is always a challenge as not everyone one has a vehicle. I happen to have a truck, but it’s hardly worth it as I only drive it maybe 10 days a year. Insurance, registration, maintenance, and surprise repairs all add up. Some guys have quads, which makes a bit more sense as up here you can get away with riding them right down the road with no plates or papers. Other fisherman just rent a truck for a week or hitchhike.

This year when I came up I found this little bike leaning up against a shipping container in the boat yard. Turns out that the guys on the F/V Michelle M use this homemade bike as a yard runner. With gas currently at $6.19 a gallon, something economical is preferred over horsepower and style. I was told that last season this bike went through only one tank of gas and it took them 27 laps around the yard to run the fuel out of the lines after they drained the tank for the winter.  A simple crude bike, but it gets the job done. Five horsepower, five-inch wheels and only a rear friction brake to slow the thing down, but I would love to have one. It makes a lot of sense here and it is perfect for what it does, like in the photo above where it is making a run to the laundry room because, believe it or not, fisherman do enjoy clean clothes once in a while. Okay, now I’m out, with a bag of laundry over my shoulder, walking to the laundry room.

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