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Bell Revolver Evo Helmet The combination of protection and convenience offered by modular helmets is hard to beat, but for all their versatility, modular helmets also tend to be noisier, heavier, and more expensive than full-face helmets as well as not providing quite the same level of protection. The Bell Revolver Evo addresses two of these concerns quite well; price and weight. At around $200, there’s certainly nothing to complain about price wise, and though it’s not a light helmet, it’s not heavy either. The Evo does exhibit a fair amount of wind noise, but with an improved seal around the eye port and the addition of a chin curtain, the noise level has been reduced compared to previous versions of the helmet. Still, I feel the need to wear earplugs if I’m going to spend much time at high speed.

Airflow through the Revolver comes from two small vents just below the visor and two eyebrow area vents on top. Two exhaust ports on the back are designed to draw air out. In practice, I couldn’t tell a difference between having the eyebrow vents open or closed, but the lower vents did provide a nice little breeze. Despite the weak air circulation, the Evo is quite comfortable. After many hours and hundreds of miles, I experienced no pressure points or soreness.

The retractable sun visor is a welcome feature for bright sunny days, but it does have one slightly amusing trait. When both the sun shade and visor are down, the refractive properties of the two lenses together turns sun reflections off car windows, buildings, or other shiny objects into rainbow-colored, four-pointed stars, kind of a like a bad 80s music video. Still, the sun shade’s mechanism is easy to use and it provides good relief for your eyes.

The Bell Revolver Evo is a good fit for the rider seeking a fully featured modular helmet at a lower price point.

Sizes: XS-XXL
Colors: various
Price: $199.95

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