Motorcycle or Convertible?

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Motorcycle or ConvertibleReally? Yes, really. The first time I heard this comment I thought it was just a fluke, an odd thought. But then it kept coming … more “riders” thinking of trading their two wheels for four. In fairness, these were mostly older riders; those for whom two-wheeling was no longer comfortable or even safe. In some cases, Mother Nature has been shouting in their collective ears “get off the road.” Or could it be the 15 different prescriptions were causing balance problems … ya’ think? The desire for wind in the hair is still there, it’s just that for whatever the reason, a motorcycle is not the only—or even the right answer.

Luckily, I have never had to make that “either/or,” decision; I have a convertible and a motorcycle in my garage. Many a time I have had to make the choice between the two, or should I say, that choice was made for me. Time, place, and conditions all play a factor.

If you’re on your way to a suit and tie meeting (unless it’s at RoadRUNNER), it’s a no- brainer … the car. Other obvious factors are: weather, number of passengers, amount of stuff being carried, availability of secure parking, and even traffic. Bumper to bumper is no fun in a ragtop, even less on a bike.

Most of our machines are fair-weather friends. A nice summer day, a winding country road and a rustic watering hole—that’s why we ride a motorcycle. Can a convertible give you the same kick? Yes, and…no. A convertible is still a car; it’s a cocoon, with windows, doors, hood, trunk, and big cushy seat between you and the road. Sure, you get the wind in your hair, and the sky above, but it’s just not the same. There’s all that stuff around you. How can you be as one with the road and commune with Mother Nature?

Then again, mother can be very cruel with rain, wind, heat, dust and slippery road conditions. A good convertible can handle all these and more. See the problem; there’s no even trade off. To get one thing you have to give up another. It all comes down to what you “have to do,” to stay on the road, be safe, and live a full life. Let me add just one more consideration—one that falls right there in between a ragtop and a bike. Have you ever considered a trike? Ride on.

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A Wisconsin farm boy, I learned how to ride a cow, before a horse and way before a motorcycle. I first started riding on my 16th birthday and I took my first real ride at my party: I pulled a wheelie and dug a trench in the lawn, which sent the bike in one direction and me in another. I was irrevocably hooked!