BiLT Pro Tourer Leather Boots

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BiLT Pro Tourer Leather BootsMy first impression of these budget-priced touring boots was that they were too stiff and would be difficult to walk in. Though this is expected of boots more dedicated to protection (like MX), a good pair of touring boots should be a compromise between walking comfort and riding protection. Fortunately, I was wrong. It only took a few steps for them to loosen up a bit, and they’ve become so comfortable that if I were riding to a destination that involved some hiking, these would be my footwear of choice. On the protection side, the boots feature rigid-plastic armor covering both sides of the ankles. However, except for the sole and leather outer shell, there’s little else guarding your feet. The combination of short overall height and thin padding on the front leaves your shins fairly exposed. The boots have a reflective panel on each heel to aid in visibility.
I never had a chance to truly test the boot’s waterproof claims, but I did wear the Pro Tourers through about 30 minutes of sporadic rain and my feet stayed dry. Fit seems to be right in line with American shoe sizing, and the boots are easily put on and removed with a zipper along each side. If you’re willing to give up a little protection to gain comfort and practicality, the BiLT Pro Tour Leather Boots may be your ticket.

Sizes: Men’s 8-14
Color: Black
Price: $119.99

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