Cycle News Releases 50 Years of Back Issues

May 28, 2013 View Comments by

103757-Cycle News 196_selected-pagesIf you are at all interested in motorcycle history, then Cycle News has just opened up a great resource. Over 2,300 issues dating back to the 1960s are now available digitally. The archive is organized by decade and can be accessed for $1.99 for three months or $4.99 for a year (per decade). The subscription can be accessed via personal computer, tablet, or smart phone, and each subscription can be accessed on up to three of these devices. Paul Carruthers, editor of Cycle News, says, “I’m really pleased to see how this archival process turned out, I just hope we don’t disrupt too many relationships or get too many people fired because they can’t stop reliving the past.”

You can check it out the Cycle News archives here.

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