Just What the Doctor Ordered!

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Just What the Doctor Ordered!As I close out my three-week vacation down here in Costa Rica, I feel recharged and ready to take on life again back home. Getting through the Michigan winter was harder than normal for me this year. The main problem was getting my leg and ankle back in shape after a complex surgery in September. I was not able to put weight on it for four months, and was only able to start hobbling around starting in December. This meant the joys of winter, like snowboarding and ice-skating, were not an option for me to get some fresh air. Even my favorite indoor “sport” of bowling was painful for a few months as my planting foot was healing. I did stay plenty busy by remodeling my kitchen and getting a rental unit ready for a new tenant, but those things won’t necessarily make you feel alive. Then there was April 15th, which I’m not sure anyone dislikes more than I do. So as there were still snowflakes in the air, I headed down to Costa Rica to recharge. I wasn’t on a bike the whole time, but the times that I was were amazing. The highlight was a trip through a Costa Rican national park on scooters with nine of my friends. The road went from sea level to just over 3,000 feet. Every corner was more beautiful than the last.

Now I am sitting in a restaurant near the airport with only hours left before I board the plane back to Michigan. I hear that the weather there has changed and is now warmer and sunny. Shorts and a t-shirt are now an option. People are getting outside. It’s a strange thing, coming out of the winter, and maybe it’s good. Everyone is excited and smiling more. Colors are coming back and the black and white winter is fading away.

Would I have made it though the winter without going to Costa Rica? Yes of course, but now I’m coming back to Michigan with extra drive, ambition, and goals to accomplish. Now remodeling the apartment will not be so bad. Dealing with the backed up sewer line in the basement will be funny and not just a headache, all because of a vacation. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

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