“Haunted” Marietta

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“Haunted” MariettaWord count requirements are a reality of writing, and although I’d rather trim words than add them, sometimes the cuts are deeper than I’d like. Such was the case in my recent Haunted Ohio article. After submitting what I felt was the minimum of necessary information, I still needed to ax well over a thousand words. Fortunately, the blogs offer an easy way to add more depth to the piece and re-claim some of the deleted parts of the story.

Interesting stops made the Haunted Ohio tour memorable, and one of my favorites was the riverside town of Marietta, OH. Marietta was founded in 1788 at the confluence of the Muskingum and Ohio rivers and has maintained a vibrant downtown that embraces its rich history.

The Lafayette Hotel, where we stayed, is a local landmark and our experience there was fantastic. Several hours were spent discussing the hotel’s paranormal history with the staff, and nearly everyone claims to have had a few unusual experiences while working there. From apparitions of former owners roaming the hotel to mischievous spirits hiding guest’s belongings in unusual places, the Lafayette is definitely a very interesting place. Haunted or not, the food, lodging, and staff were all first-rate, and we’re certainly planning on a return visit in the near future.

Another highlight of our tour was Lynn Sturtevant’s Marietta Ghost Trek Tour, which was a non-stop stream of interesting Marietta history. In addition to the expected ghost stories, Lynn pointed out several little known facts about the town. We learned that an entire section of downtown had been built up one floor to alleviate damage from frequent flooding, and as a result, the buildings are one story shorter than they were originally and have two basement levels. She also pointed out previously unnoticed high-water marks on buildings from previous floods. Lynn’s stories provided a new layer of behind-the-scenes knowledge that added greatly to our experience, and I’d encourage anyone visiting Marietta to take one of her tours.

Whether strolling along the banks of the Ohio River, visiting one-of-a-kind shops, or dining at one of the many unique restaurants in beautifully restored buildings, Marietta has a charm that is hard to resist. Toss in some of the best riding to be found in the Buckeye State and you have a first class destination worthy of a night or two while on your tour. Check out the facts and information section of my article in the May/June ’13 issue of RoadRUNNER for more information.

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