Pura Vida, Costa Rica

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Pura Vida, Costa RicaIt is 3:54 am right now and I am typing this from Montezuma, Costa Rica in my $15 dorm room. One of my dorm mates from Montana just stumbled in from the bar. As he flops into the bunk over my head I realize it’s close enough to wake up time anyway. I need to return my rented bike to Wild Rider in San Jose (the capitol) by 10:30 am. Working backwards from where I am, some 300 kilometers away, I need to be on the road in 45 minutes. This will allow me to make the 6:00 am ferry back to the mainland from the Nicoya Peninsula. All throughout this ten-day trip I’ve been using Kölbi on my phone. It is a local prepaid phone service with 3g and data. It allows me to use Google maps on my iPhone as a crude but effective GPS. However, my phone must also know that my motorcycle adventure is coming to an end. The SIM is no longer working. I have used all my data. I was wondering how long that six-dollar card would last. It turns out the answer is ten days. Now I am left to navigate the old-fashioned way, road signs and paying attention, an art that is quickly becoming lost.

Well now I have ten minutes until my alarm goes off. It’s actually been kind of nice getting up early and writing this. I really don’t like waking up to an alarm. It’s too stressful and reminds me of working on my salmon fishing boat in Alaska. I should be fine finding my way to the ferry, I think. I don’t know the name of the town, but I can see on the map where the road ends, and I have Google maps preloaded on my phone, so the little blue dot should move along the route even without phone service. Costa Rica has been a great trip, and I definitely want to come back to explore some more. I didn’t cover much area on this trip, which is exactly what I wanted. I took it slow and enjoyed the few places that I did go. This actually takes a lot of discipline as there are so many cool places to visit in Costa Rica, but the stress of getting to it all is not for me. Adios, and pura vida.

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