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Wild RiderLast week I was talking about just going for it, and my itch, need, or whatever you want to call it, to go on a trip. I worked all winter and before that I was letting my leg heal up from a bad break (eight pins and one plate). Anyway, I have been planning for a while to go down to Costa Rica for a few weeks with 10 friends to learn how to surf. I purchased my ticket so I would be there more than a week before everyone else with plans to hostel hop and see the country.

My budget was pretty tight so I wasn’t completely sold on renting a motorcycle for this trip as it really adds up if you want to do more than a few days. RoadRUNNER isn’t sending me around the world with the company card…yet. I still have to rely on my bartering skills to get anything accomplished. Once I met Thorsten, owner of www.wild-rider.com, in the capital of San Jose, I knew it was going to be hard not to rent from him. He had some DR650s, but I had my eye on the Honda Tornado XR250—a simple bike that is lightweight and dead reliable. Once we agreed on a price, Thorsten pulled out a map and highlighted roads and towns that would fit what I was looking for and would make a nice eight-day route. He also warned me where and how to avoid the speed traps, as I found out that the fines in this country are super high—$300 for passing on a double yellow, which around here is the standard way to drive. I probably racked up $10,000 worth of potential tickets in the first day alone. I don’t want to sound like a reckless driver because I am not. You can’t drive in Latin America with a U.S. mindset. It doesn’t work that way. The moral from all this rambling is simply a continuation of “just do it.” Get out there and take your own “big trip.” Rent a bike in Costa Rica for a week, or finally ride out to Sturgis. Whatever it is, go for it. With only one day under my belt on the XR250, I know that I made the right decision. I look forward to a week filled with water crossings and riding down the beach. (Just kidding about the beach Thorsten, I’ll keep it away from the salt water.)

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