Opening Day: Play Ball! Nope . . . Let’s Ride!

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Opening Day: Play Ball! Nope . . . Let’s Ride!Baseball Season is upon us and that can only mean one thing—less people on the roads when I am out riding. Don’t get me wrong, I like baseball, but what I really like is that Coors Field can remove over 50,000 fans from the road during each game. However, you can’t always count on that this early in the season because winter does not always fully relinquish its grip, even in April. For instance, the Colorado Rockies baseball team has their preseason in Phoenix where it snowed just a few weeks ago. This forced delays on the club’s first preseason games. While snow days are normal in Colorado, it was completely unexpected in Phoenix.

Not to worry, by midday on April 5th the temperature is in the mid 70s and the yellow street lines around the stadium are temporarily painted in Rockies purple. People wear shorts as they walk to their seats, beers in hand. They’re ready to cheer, “let’s go Rockies!” and to stand and sing during the 7th inning stretch. But you just never know when the next storm will arrive and leave the stadium empty and the roads full.

Springtime in Colorado brings longer and sunnier days, but also weather extremes. In January I wrote about how the beautiful weather in town tricked me into riding up to the mountains. While I was more than willing to be fooled, it was still sad to have to turn around early. April is a month when you never know what is going to happen, even hour-by-hour. Multi-day rides are definitely out because there’s a good chance you might get stuck somewhere—waking up to several inches of snow is always a possibility.

RoadRUNNER photojournalist Wayne Peterson recently shared a review of Reader’s Digest’s “The Most Scenic Drives in America” in his blog post “Sharpen Your Tools.” I couldn’t agree more with his sentiments. If you cannot get outside and ride, digging into maps or books is a great way to stay inspired for your next trip!

Even with such great resources, it gets increasingly difficult for me to stay inside and focused. With late spring and early summer on the horizon, Colorado’s unofficial riding season will soon bring more consistent riding days. In the meantime, I still get as excited (i.e. distracted) as my kids trying to get through a sunny day sitting in class at school. The sun beaming in through the window, beckoning us all to come out and play—start riding and say adios to winter!

Epilogue & Weather Report: On Sunday afternoon Rockies baseball fans brought their brooms to Coors field to celebrate the sweeping of the Padres. Unfortunately, fans will be trading in their brooms for snow blowers as all reports are calling for a massive spring blizzard this week. Further reports call for upper 60s this weekend, just in time to clear the roads of snow and cars. So welcome to “Springtime in the Rockies.

How’s the weather where you live? When does extreme weather stop being a hindrance to your riding? Or does it?



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