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Canon Enters the Mirrorless Fray with the EOS-M

Mar 18, 2013 View Comments by

Canon EOS There’s a new breed of cameras that drawing a lot of interest from photographers. They’re so new that people can’t seem to agree on what to call them – ILCs (Interchangeable Lens Cameras), CSC (Compact System Cameras) or Mirrorless (due to the fact that unlike DSLRs, they don’t have mirrors). In any case, the benefit of removing the mirror is that the camera can become smaller, much smaller.

Canon is late to the party as all of the other makes have already released their salvos, but they’ve managed to squeeze the guts of their consumer DSLR into a camera the size of a soap bar. For someone already with a Canon DSLR but wanting something smaller for the road, the EOS-M may be the ticket. Early reviews have praised the image quality but criticized the auto focus speed. Learn more in the video.

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