Touring Weekend Photo Tour With John Flores

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Touring Weekend Photo Tour With John FloresMotorcycle touring and photography go better together than baseball and apple pie. After all, when was the last time you had apple pie at a baseball game? On the other hand, we’re all lucky enough to ride in some pretty special places, and for some of us it’s natural to stop, smell the roses, and take some photos. Back in the day we might have traveled with a disposable camera tucked into our tankbag, but these days are much more advanced. At the very least, most of us have smartphones with built-in cameras; even those are good enough to post on Facebook. Many also carry point-and-shoot cameras, and the most committed of us (and I mean that in the very best sense, of course) pack the bags with DSLRs, GoPros, tripods, and various whatnots to document our epic journeys in the highest resolution possible.

This summer many of us will gather in Maggie Valley to renew old friendships and sample some of the finest asphalt east of the Mississippi. If you are joining us and are the kind of person that always has a camera on their packing list, then you may want to join the Photo Tour with John Flores. John (that’s me) has been writing and photographing for RoadRUNNER for nearly ten years and he’s planning a route with some choice roads and photo opps. At each stop he’ll talk photography—what he looks for in a shot, how he composes an image, and the gear that he uses—and help others improve their travel photos. We’re keeping the size of this rolling photo workshop small, so sign up soon!

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