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Olympus Cameras for the Digital Rider

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Olympus OM-D Olympus is one of the oldest-remaining names in photography. They released their first camera in 1936, which I think is before most of you were born. In that time they’ve seen their share of drama, most recently with an accounting scandal that threatened to sink the ship. But even through the gloom they’ve managed to release some good cameras, particularly the OM-D E-M5, which many awarded the camera of the year. High quality, weather resistant, small package—perfect for a Digital Rider. In many ways, it’s as good as bulkier DSLRs at about half the size and weight. DSLRs are still better with action, but Olympus is getting there. This size/performance package comes at a price though, at around $1,200 for just the body, the OM-D is more expensive than DSLRs with similar specs. Learn about the OM-D and one of their all-terrain tough cameras in this video.

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