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Fuji Rides the Retro New Wave with the X-E1

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If you’re the kind of rider that likes modern interpretations of classic bikes and eschews cordura and hi-viz yellow for classic, durable leather, then the Fuji X-E1 may be the camera for you. Literally dripping and oozing with retro style, the metal and faux leather finish harken back to the days before SLRs, when rangefinders roamed the earth, swinging from the necks of camera enthusiasts. Seriously, you can see Steve McQueen holding one of these.

And he’d be holding one fine camera. The X-E1 has a 16-megapixel APS-C sensor that’s known to be very good, particularly in low light. The camera is compatible with a number of lenses, from an 18-55 zoom, which is good for travel (and featured in this video), to a growing family of sweet primes and zooms. An electronic viewfinder (in the video it is mistakenly called an optical viewfinder) makes it easy to compose shots in bright light. The only bugbears with Fuji cameras are that there have been some criticisms of their slow autofocus. Fuji is good about making incremental improvements and sending out firmware updates for owners. But if you like photographing moving motorcycles, a DSLR is still a more dependable option. Also, the Fuji sensor is different than most other sensors on the market, making its RAW/DNG files a bit difficult to use with the most popular editing packages. JPGs are no problem. You can pick up an X-E1 with the 18-55 kit lens for about $1,400.

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