New Smartphone App from Zero Motorcycles

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New Smartphone App from Zero MotorcyclesAs the technological revolution marches steadily onward, this day was sure to come. Zero Motorcycles recently announced the release of their new app for iOS and Android smartphones. The app uses Bluetooth to pair the phone with the motorcycle (any 2013 Zero will do). Once paired, the app can access a plethora of data on the Zero’s performance, history, battery state, and much more. In addition to this info, users can also customize a variety of settings including top speed, torque, and regenerative braking parameters. If you would like to see the positive impact your new choice of transportation is having on the environment (as well as your wallet) you can input your electricity cost, the price for a gallon of gas, and the fuel economy of your other vehicle, the app will then calculate just how much money, CO2, and hydrocarbons your Zero is saving. All 2013 Zero models are compatible with the app, which is available for free from either iTunes or the Android store. Even if you don’t have a Zero, you can still download the app and fool around with it in demo mode. Who knows, perhaps other manufacturers will follow suit and offer smartphone to ECU interfaces for the Zero’s fossil fuel powered brethren in the future.

For iPhone:

For Android:

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