Spot Re-launches Social Media Platform

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Spot Adventures

Spot’s lineup of satellite communicators and emergency locators have long been a staple of two-wheeled adventurers as they journey into the wild. We’ve got two of them here at RoadRUNNER. The latest iteration of the device, the Spot Connect, pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth to turn your phone into a satellite communicator. Though you can’t make phone calls, you can update Facebook and Twitter, send short emails, text, and send out an SOS if you’re ever in need of help. In addition to their communication and location services, Spot has created an online community called Spot Adventures where users can share their exploits and experiences with fellow outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds including hikers, boaters, hunters, pilots, sailors, and, of course, motorcyclists. Recently, Spot has re-launched this service with a variety of updates including the ability to mark points of interest, such as a landmark, which can then be cross-referenced with other user’s trips and experiences, and enhanced social functionality. This makes it easier to interact with fellow motorcyclists, find and share routes and adventures, and organize future expeditions. At the time of this writing Spot Adventures boasts around 35,000 users and 61,000 recorded adventures. These new updates create a site that is much more user friendly, functional, and social than its previous iteration. Spot products are designed to keep you in touch with your friends, family, and help if the need arises. They provide invaluable peace of mind, especially when travelling alone through the wilderness. Spot Adventures adds to the experience by allowing you to share your trip with others, even if you’re by yourself.

For more info, check out Joseph Trey’s experience using the Spot Connect and be sure to check out Spot Adventures at

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